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  • What's in your chai?
    Our Masala Chai is a loose-leaf blend made up of seven spices, fresh ginger, honey and black Assam tea. All ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers and we pride ourselves on the quality of our chai. The honey makes it a “Sticky Chai” and as all the ingredients are natural, rather than being a syrup or powder, you can be sure only chai goodness is going into your body. The spices we use include: - Cardamom pods - Cinnamon - Star Anise - Cloves - Fennel Seeds - Nutmeg - Black Peppercorns
  • Is your tea ethically sourced?
    Yes! Our FairTrade black Assam tea is from a trusted supplier who works with farmers on the ground in the Assam region of India to ensure fair pay and treatment in the tea farms.
  • Where's my delivery?
    Our orders generally make it to you after the date of purchase within 3-4 days. If you haven't received your chai after 6 days of placing your order, please get in touch and we will check your purchase status for you.
  • What other teas do you make?
    The short answer is, none! We started off our chai journey wanting to be the best. So, we decided from day one that we would make chai, and we would only make chai! This for us means not moving into other teas and giving all of our attention to our spiced chai. There are more chai varients on their way which we are super excited about and know you will be too, so watch this space as our shop and product range expands to showcase the the best chai (we hope) you will ever taste!
  • Are you a local producer?
    Yes, and we are proud of this! We are a local Northern Irish chai producer and we also supply our chai to other parts of the UK as well. Through our online website, you can buy different chai blends for every taste and occasion.
  • Is chai tea good for you?
    Chai is full of lots of good stuff! We are currently working on collaberating some scientifically backed research into chai health benefits and the long term advatages to including chai into your daily tea drinking routine. We will be publishing this soon and we hope you will find it useful.
  • Does chai tea have caffeine in it?
    Our Original chai does have caffeine in it. It has roughly 1/4 of the amount of caffeine as a normal cup of tea has, so if you are trying to cut down your caffeine intake at all, chai is a perfect alternative. Our Herbal chai however does not have any caffeine in it as we use a Rooibos tea which is naturally caffeine-free. So if you are looking to cut out caffeine for health or lifestyle choices, this is the chai for you!


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