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About Our chai

Chala Chai was established in 2020 during the Covid Lockdown. With nowhere to go and coffee shops closed, we decided to turn a passion into a business. After many (many) attempts, we finally got a recipe so tasty, we knew it was worth sharing. 


In October 2020 we officially launched Chala Chai and started selling our Sticky Chai blend and as they say, the rest is history.

We use a blend of organic and regular spices with ethically sourced tea from trusted suppliers. We decided to do this from the start, because chai deserves to be made from the best ingredients. 

What makes us different from other chai brands? Well, we only use fresh ginger in our "Sticky Chai" blend. So you get the feel-good effects from that chest warming ingredient. 

Our tea leaves come from the Assam region. The Assam area is regarded as India's best of the best when it comes to tea. Rich in flavour yet it allows the spices to flow through it well. 

And finally, our honey. We only use honey from suppliers who care for their bees. Which means the preservation of hives and their colonies.

And all of this comes together in the form of Chala Chai. A sticky, naturally sweetened chai which is full of flavour, quality, and high-grade ingredients.

So why not head over to our store and get yourself some of our chai?
We are sure you'll love it as much as we do.  

Container with sticky chai and a scoop



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